Holiday Savings & Spending Tips

By Eileen E Galbraith & Denise M Beachem

It All Starts with Rudolph!​
Take Flight With Rudolph While He Interviews The Credit Gal

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We all get advice from time to time but have you EVER received tips about Saving & Spending  from these AMAZING Reindeer?


​Naughty or Nice? That is the question you need to ask yourself when it comes to your Financial Decisions. 


What if the Reindeers weren't just playing games? And, what if Rudolph didn't just have a shiny nose but was the first step in winning at financial games?


Click Below to Travel along with the adventures of Dasher, Dancer, Prancer & they soar through their delightful message with their pals Comet, Cupid, Donder & Blitzen! 

  • Chapter 7....Love, Compassion, & Peace.

  • Chapter 3...Avoiding Emotional Spending.

  • Chapter 1...It all starts with Rudolph.

  • Chapter 6... Children & the Holidays.

Reindeer Wisdom Delivers to you...

Easy to Implement Steps for Saving

Comical Stories of How the Reindeer Plan

Motivation & Inspiration for Your Spending Habits

Delightful Stories about the Reindeer that you may not have Known

Enjoyable, fun, and a Playful look at how easy it is to Save & Spend Wisely during the Holiday Season.

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